Birch Briquettes

These excellent hardwood logs are made from Birch. They are highly compressed leaving an attractive, clean, dense briquette that does not shed dust or particles. One of our most popular briquettes with excellent flame and heat characteristics.


Composition: Clean dry sawdust from pure Birch.
Compression: 1,200 kg/m3
Calorific value: 5.0 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: 0.7%
Max. water content: 6.5%
Product Standard: EN 14961-3

Dimensions and Packaging

Log: 270mm x 90mm with 20mm hole
Weight: c.2kg
Pack: 5 Logs = 10kg
Pallet: 96 packs = 960kg


These excellent hardwood briquettes are made from waste Birch from the timber processing industry. They are highly compressed leaving a very clean and dense briquette that does not shed dust or particles.

It has a lovely rich honey color and is certainly one of the most attractive logs in our range.

The burning characteristics are first class, being easy to light and long lasting. They produce an attractive flame and generate good heat for around two hours (depending on stove settings). Most importantly, they are very economical for such good quality briquettes of such high calorific value.

These are one of our best selling briquettes. They are perfectly suitable for lighting from the start. I break them up into 3 or 4 sections, put a Wood Wool Lighter beneath and away it goes.