Pini-Kay Oak

These briquettes are the densest wood fuel we supply. They are made from oak waste from the parquet flooring industry. They do not expand when burnt and can generate great heat for several hours. Ideal for smaller fires and also capable of burning overnight.


Composition: Extremely densely compacted sawdust.
Compression: 1,210 kg/m3
Calorific value: 5.05 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: 1.0%
Max. water content: 9.2%
Product Standard: N/A

Dimensions and Packaging

Log: 250mm x 65mm
Weight: c.833g
Pack: 12 Logs = 10kg
Pallet: 96 packs = 960kg


Extremely densely compacted waste sawdust. These briquettes are produced by extrusion rather than compression, so they are exceptionally dense and do not expand when burning.

They light easily and generate really great heat with a beautiful flame.

They will burn for around two hours depending on airflow. Having said that, we have several customers burning these overnight.

These briquettes do not expand, making them ideal for small stoves and open fires.


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