Premium Hard

Made from waste hardwood from the floor manufacturing industry, these excellent briquettes will burn for a couple of hours and give a really good flame and lots of heat.


Composition: Clean dry sawdust from hardwood trees
Compression: 1,300 kg/m3
Calorific value: 5.0 kWh/kg
Max. ash content: 1.0%
Max. water content: 9.2%
Product Standard: N/A

Dimensions and Packaging

Log: 290mm x 75mm
Weight: c.1.7kg
Pack: 3 Logs = 5kg
Pallet: 91 packs = 910kg


Composition: Made from the sawdust residue left from the manufacture of hardwood flooring.

Ideal for: a long and hot burn. Each log will burn for anything between 1.5 to 3  hours depending on airflow.

The very dense compaction means only minimal expansion whilst burning and thought perfect for stoves, they also perform very well in open fires.

Three logs in each 5 kg pack mean one pack will produce an easy 5 hours of good heat when burnt in a stove. The works out at around 30 pence per hour of good consistent and reliable heat.


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