Wood Wool Lighters

These excellent Wood-wool lighters are made from kiln dried wood wool soaked in wax. They ignite easily and one lighter will start most wood based fires. No chemicals used here.


Wood wool soaked in candle wax and beeswax. They contain no nasty smelling paraffin/petroleum products.

They are clean to handle, easy to light and give sufficient heat that one Wood Wool Lighter will light our Starter Cobs or  Kindling Discs.

They look lovely in a wicker basket beside your stove.

Do not confuse these with the smaller, looser and less effective ‘Flamers’, or the poorer quality wood wool lighters made in China. We’ve tested all the alternatives ourselves and know that our Wood Wool Firelighters are the best combination of quality, consistency, and affordability. Where you need a handful of the looser lighters, just one of our Wood Wool Firelighters will get your fire going easily, every time.

Now available in boxes of 100. This is the most economical way to buy  Wood Wool Lighters as they work out at only 6.5p each from the shop floor. Highly recommended. The only lighters we ever use.


Composition: Wood wool soaked in candle wax and beeswax
Compression: N/A
Calorific value: N/A
Max. ash content: N/A
Max. water content: N/A
Product Standard: N/A

Dimensions and Packaging

Lighter: 50mm x 25mm
Weight: c.12.5g
Pack: 100 Lighters = 1.4kg


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